About Us

Our research division, supported by 36 private companies (as of September, 2016) in various fields using geospatial information, focuses on building a sustainable geospatially enabled society. We aim to develop platforms for smooth circulation and high-level usage of geospatial information data, and to contribute to educating people engaged in the community. We also aim to be a core leader in promoting social innovation, not limited in technical and scientific research field, keeping great mission to take the INITIATIVE in advanced and high-value added information technology for the next generation. Staff members are R. Shibasaki, Y. Sekimoto, S. Nakasuka, N. Kubo, A. Nishizawa, S. Nakajo, D. Manandhar, T. Seto, and H. Miyazaki, and Y. Fukushima and please visit the Division's page for CSIS website to see more about our activities.

About our activity

Developing space systems for positioning, monitoring, and communications

Facilitating development of global networks and business opportunities

Developing platforms for geo-spatial big data gathering and analysis

Build infrastructure of geo-spatial data management and platforms of the data distribution in Japan and other Asian countries

Develop platforms for various geo-spatial data gathering and analysis, and promote the use of the platforms in Asian countries

Develop platforms for store-and-forward and transferring satellite images from nano-satellites, and promote services provided through nano-satellites

Build global networks through establishing academic networks with top universities in the world

Provide information on latest trend in geo-spatial and space policies, industries, and practices of aid agencies

Facilitate demonstration tests and events such as hackathons and ideathons related to space and spatial technologies

Organizing seminars and workshops regularly for sharing knowledge on space and spatial technologies, and its applications

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